I was raised by strong women and have always surrounded myself with strong women. Listening to other voices makes me stronger, has inspired my businesses, and will guide my leadership on Metro Council.



The people I meet on the campaign trail want strong neighborhoods in the Highlands and in every part of Louisville. I am proud to be building the West Louisville FoodPort, using our hunger for local food to feed our hunger for economic opportunity and health for everyone. Louisville will have a fairer, better future only if we work and walk together on this path.


What vision do we all share for District 8 and Louisville? The chance to embody Louisville’s welcoming spirit towards ALL people – our neighbors who already live here, the ones we will attract, and the employers who will flock to a Louisville that moves enthusiastically into a fairer, better, bolder future. Let’s build it together.


I thought it was only my corner that felt unsafe – until I started walking the neighborhoods of the Highlands and learned everyone else feels like THEIR corner or street is unsafe. And because Bardstown Road is more crowded than ever, everyone tells me their street has become a cut-through: Valley Vista, Rufer, Talbott, Eleanor, Everett, and more. I want our neighborhoods to feel truly “livable” again.


I truly love Louisville – in part because of the friends and community it has brought me. Now those friends are supporters, and you can hear from some of them.