Building a fairer, bolder, stronger Louisville together

This piece appeared in The Courier-Journal on May 10, 2016.

Some of you are lifelong Louisvillians who anchor your neighborhoods and extended families. Some of you (like me) chose Louisville as your hometown because it’s an amazing place to raise a family, start a business and give back. And some of you are newcomers, attracted by Louisville’s welcoming spirit and a feeling that it’s on the cusp of becoming one of the special, winning cities of the 21st century.

I have met you all as I have walked the neighborhoods of the Highlands over the past few months: the loving father at St. Raphael’s parish; the empty-nesters living near Cherokee Park; the teacher looking after her neighbors in Deer Park; and the young gay couple who know that the Highlands will respect and protect them.

The world is urbanizing, so is Kentucky, and so is Louisville – nowhere so much as in the Highlands. How we manage that process will determine who we are as neighbors, as parents, and as people who can push Louisville forward to its full potential.

That means we need neighborhoods that remain truly livable even as our streets become cut-throughs for traffic; a Bardstown Road that serves neighbors (and home-grown businesses) as much as it serves the visitors we welcome to it; and a city that honors our neighbors and embraces newcomers.

Among the candidates for District 8, I alone have a record of success in both the for-profit and not-for-profit space, building new businesses from scratch and creating jobs that make it possible to live good lives in Louisville.

Among the candidates for District 8, I alone have a 20-year record of public support for progressive Democratic candidates and causes that treat our fellow citizens with dignity and serve as the foundation for economic prosperity. People of Louisville know we can’t turn back if we want to succeed; just look at North Carolina.

That record is why I’ve received endorsements from groups like C-FAIR (Fairness), the Sierra Club and our firefighters.  And it’s why progressive heroes (and strong women) like former Lt. Gov. Crit Luallen, Sen. Denise Harper Angel and Rep. Mary Lou Marzian have endorsed me as well.

Like you, I love Louisville deeply.  And I love the idea of serving your daily needs, supporting your vision for the Highlands and working with 25 other council members to build a fairer, bolder, stronger Louisville together.