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“Promise, Witness, Remembrance” is now a Book

Since I left the Speed Art Museum a year ago I’ve been working to document “Promise, Witness, Remembrance” – the exhibition built around Amy Sherald’s portrait of Breonna Taylor. That work is now a Speed-published book, co-authored with Curator Allison Glenn and Community Engagemnt Strategist Toya Northington and with contributions from many. What made this exhibition was the people […]

Artist Amy Sherald Shows us the Way

Artists are the most generous people I know, and I can’t think of a more creative philanthropist today than the amazing Amy Sherald. When the writer Ta-Nehisi Coates invited Amy to paint a portrait of Breonna Taylor in the summer of 2020 for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, she reached out to Breonna’s mother, […]

How to Start a Movement

I think I saw a movement start this weekend. The New Kentucky Project hosted its first Ideas Conference yesterday in Lexington. I’m honored to serve on the Project’s Executive Board, but even insiders had no better expectation than most other attenders what the event would deliver.  We certainly didn’t expect that a sellout crowd of […]

Who I am – #1 Fundraiser or Not

The Courier-Journal today reported that I have raised more money than any other candidate in this Metro Council race.  It’s true.  In the reporting period ending March 31 I raised more than 75% more dollars from outside contributors than any other candidate. But some comments suggested that money is the answer – or that I […]

The FoodPort

The people I meet on the campaign trail want strong neighborhoods in the Highlands and in every part of Louisville. I am proud to be building the West Louisville FoodPort, using our hunger for local food to feed our hunger for economic opportunity and health for everyone. Louisville will have a fairer, better future only […]

Our Louisville

What vision do we all share for District 8 and Louisville? The chance to embody Louisville’s welcoming spirit towards ALL people – our neighbors who already live here, the ones we will attract, and the employers who will flock to a Louisville that moves enthusiastically into a fairer, better, bolder future. Let’s build it together.